Shopper Registration

We are currently seeking to add part-time evaluators to our growing mystery shopping team. These assignments are available on an as-needed basis and involve auditing businesses in your local area and throughout the United States. Auditing includes visiting the business as a customer or potential customer and then filling out an evaluation form on our website after the visit related to your experience, the customer service, cleanliness, steps of service, and more. Our clients use this valuable information to improve training, recognize outstanding performers, measure their quality of operations, and improve their business to better serve their customers and gain a competitive edge. You are partially or fully reimbursed for your expenses or time. There is absolutely no cost or fee to be a mystery shopper. All assignments are on a first come, first serve basis. You choose the assignments that are convenient and fit with your schedule. All shoppers are required to have a valid PayPal account to receive payment.

Before you can start accepting assignments, you’ll need to take a brief test and create a profile. The shopper orientation test is shown below and will be reviewed by a staff member. This test is designed for you to demonstrate your writing skills and ability to follow instructions. Once you pass the test, you will be emailed a link to fill out your shopper profile. Please check your spam folder in case the email ends up there, instead of your inbox. Please also provide a working phone number. It will not be sold or shared.

Please fill out the below contact information, in full:

  • (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Please Review the following information and answer the two questions below before starting this registration exam. You are REQUIRED to review/accept our terms of agreement before you can start shopping with us:

    We at Goodwin Hospitality,, and Campus Feedback do not charge you to be a shopper. Shops are totally voluntary; you are not required to do a minimum numbers of shops on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis in order to be one of our shoppers.
    Our shoppers work on a points system. You earn points for successfully conducting shops, and lose points for canceling shops or conducting shops incorrectly. The more points you have, the more shops you can conduct.

    It is your responsibility as a shopper to pick the shops you are interested in. Once you’ve been assigned to the shop, you’ll conduct it according to the guidelines, and fill out/submit the report within 24 hours after completing the visit. If we require further information, we will contact you. Once your shop has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email. All of our payments are made through PayPal; Payments are submitted to you 30-45 days after the shop has been completed.

  • NEVER mention weight or ethnicity, and never use negative language like bald, unattractive, etc.
  • The following is to test your ability to read and understand shop instructions. Please read the following and answer the five questions, based upon the shop instructions:

    Location: The XYZ Restaurant
    123 Street Name Rd, Anytown, USA, 32300
    Date Assigned: 3/14/2016
    Time: from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
    Detailed Dates: Do NOT shop Sunday, Saturday
    Compensation: Shop Pays: 50
    Reimbursement: None


    Project: Weekday Dining Evaluation
    Shop Description:
    Please read the entire report before conducting this shop.
    You must obtain the name of all staff members interacted with, OR provide a detailed description.
    This visit must be done by you and at least 1 other guest.
    Purchase requirements:
    1 appetizer
    2 different entrees
    2 beverages, 1 must be a draft beer
    Additional items are welcome
    Please make sure to visit the restroom to evaluate cleanliness.
    Please verify the location’s hours before going on your visit.

    You must obtain an itemized receipt.