Client Testimonials

“Wesco, a group of 52 C-Stores and 7 Subways, began utilizing CustomerProphet in April of 2014.  CustomerProphet provides Wesco with a shopping program for the C-Store Associates, Subway Associates, and Food Service Associates.  We also utilize them for Alcohol and Tobacco Shops.  Wesco developed their shopping forms and provides updates to the forms to CustomerProphet as needed.  The response for making the changes is most often in a day or two.  The shops are conducted monthly at each location.  The shoppers that conduct the shops do a good job.  If we do have opportunities with a shop, CustomerProphet is quick to correct.  If we request to have a shop redone and share the whys, the shop is redone.  Having a contact at CustomerProphet has worked well for us.  We also have a local manager who is able to help when questions arise.  Having reporting put together and shared with us has been an added value to the overall program.  Wesco is also utilizing CustomerProphet to process our in-house compliance shops.  CustomerProphet is a good partner and we are happy with their performance”.

“We have been working with Customer Prophet since May 2014, and my experience with them has been nothing short of amazing! We utilize their mystery shopping program and services and it has really helped us dig into opportunity areas and really understand what makes our customers smile and well, buy more candy!”

“You have been an amazing partner on this roller coaster we call the solar industry and you have not only put up but nailed any and all of our last minute requests/changes. We vetted three other mystery shopping vendors and ultimately chose CustomerProphet because of the adaptability and passion. We were looking for a solution to provide us with information and opportunities where we may improve our POS experience. We have received a tremendous amount of insight for us to optimize our in-store customer interaction. This is precisely what we were looking to achieve and are excited to continue providing high quality service through all of our interactions. Thank you CustomerProphet for supporting our vision and mission through excellent customer service.”

Barrington Group

“Mystery shopping is a valuable tool in the apartment industry.  However, a shopping report is only as good as the person that does the shopping and the team that stands behind them.  That team must instill high levels of competency,  accuracy, efficiency and turn around all within the parameters set by each individual client.  Customer Prophet is that team that can take all of the ingredients necessary to reach goals and make it seem effortless.  I was not only impressed with the results that will help us evaluate each one of our properties in a more efficient manner, but also with their follow up!  Customer Prophet are true Pros!”

“Celebration! Cinema uses the Mystery Shopper program to give us a snapshot of the service we are providing our guests. This program allows company leaders and each of our General Managers to see their locations strengths and weakness. When weakness trends are revealed, we are able to take steps to make changes and to address the problems almost immediately. Likewise, our leadership is able to recognize our strengths and appreciate individual cast members who provide excellent service! Guest Service is the heartbeat of our business, and the Mystery Shopper Program keeps our finger on that pulse. Speaking of guest service, we have received nothing but world class service from our representatives at CustomerProphet! I’m sure they have many clients, but their attention to us makes us feel like WE are the most important!”

“Great customer service is hard to measure and maintain. CustomerProphet has created an easy-to-use method and tool to help understand what the customer shopping experience is really like. The Mystery Shopper’s feedback has been extremely helpful to our main office and to our retail stores; we are making future decisions based upon their information. The reports are great and the employees are outstanding! Overall a great company and service!”

“As the owner of multiple Monkey Joe’s locations, it is not physically possible for me to monitor the stores at all times. CustomerProphet provides the perfect tool to measure the performance of the staff and its impact on customer service. The ability to customize the survey combined with CustomerProphet’s flexibility, various mystery shopper options, and data analytics helps Monkey Joe’s stay on top of its monkey business!!”

“The mystery in-person shops and mystery phone shoppers by Customer Prophet have been very helpful and eye-opening.  As an owner I’d like to think we treat every phone call and every walk-in the same, but human nature is to take the easy way out at times.  

Since we began the mystery shopping, our staff is much sharper.  When we play the recorded phone calls at our staff meetings, the team self corrects.  I don’t have to push them to improve.  We have used the shops to improve our performance and better serve our clients which leads to more conversions from actual shoppers.”